Unlike SCUBA, you don’t need to be a certified diver.

A quick safety & environmental briefing and practicing a few easy skills are all it takes explore the underwater world.

Snorkeling keeps you on the surface but Snookah Airline Diving allows you to descend below the surface and explore while your air supply follows along on the surface in a raft, connected to you by an extended breathing line.

We like to say that Snookah Airline Diving is the bridge that fills the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA. Snookah takes the best qualities of both; offering the adventure of submerging and exploring the underwater world with the ease of snorkeling.

All our trips include all diving & safety equipment, professional Western English speaking SCUBA & rescue instructors as your guides. It’s the perfect system to try diving; safe, easy, fun and last but not least, the most cost effective way to try diving. No swimming or diving skills are required.

Become a Diver for the Day!

A Unique activity on your tropical island adventure itinerary and sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation. 


Its by far the easiest way to explore Thailand's amazing underwater world and we've had thousands experience their first breaths underwater with us in our 7 years here in Koh Samui. Our system was imported from the USA, has enjoyed 39 years of success in the tropical vacation destination market and we're proud to be the only operators in South East Asia. 

The Snookah system is safe, easy and fun but no corners are cut. We have professional scuba instructors guiding you throughout the experience all with international certifications and specially trained, including in emergency medical care. 


Snookah is not to be confused with sea-bottom walking experiences which are not only harmful to the environment, but seldom have professionally certified staff on hand. The system itself is the same as SCUBA, only re-configured for simplicity. This allows you to explore underwater with no certification or prior experience necessary even if you have never snorkeled before. You learn in minutes right in the water. 


Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns along with maintaining responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly procedures so all can enjoy for years to come. We never touch the bottom and have never had an injury. 

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