Glide along Samui’s idyllic coastline out of the heat of the day atop of a column of light, the center of attention wherever we go!


Whether you’re interested in eco-tourism, relaxing night tours or just looking for an alternative night out, you’re sure to have a blast! An ideal activity for anybody; families, couples & groups; something you can all enjoy together.


We use stable hybrid catamaran boards equipped with custom LED lights. The boards were purpose designed for expeditions, intended to carry one person with equipment, thus very stable and not affected by small waves. Our hybrid boards allow you to sit, stand, kneel or even lay down! This makes them perfect for both novices & experienced paddlers.


Our custom LED lights illuminate approximately 15m around and up to 5m below the surface of the water turning heads as we glide down the beach and attracting small fish and marine life right to the boards.

Trips are guided by our professional SCUBA & rescue instructors and all safety equipment is provided. No need to know how to swim as there’s very little chance of falling into the water

With paddle sports (kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboarding) already being extremely popular on Koh Samui, we are offering a unique twist to these already popular activities. Trips are offered at night, after dark using paddleboards and kayaks equipped with special LED lights illuminating the area around and beneath.

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